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Fashion and Dressing: Does It Define Us

by Avais Khatri 27 Nov 2023

When people dress up, wear jeans, traditional dresses, casuals or any type of clothing actually they are sharing their personality. According to Junior Jordan Pinto; “I think fashion defines a person because it can mainly express an individual’s personality or attitude”. People actually dress up anchored in which they are. In this way they are showing their individuality.

Obviously it is important to know that what is in and out of fashion: but the question is occurred, does it define us?

In fact fashion and outfits defines a person. It is reality that everyone has unique personalities but it can’t be denied that these personalities are reflected by styles and outfits. The truth is that the people love to wear things based on who they are. For example a student who likes the sports might want to wear sports gear than a student who doesn’t like so much the sports.

Sometimes this conception may be wrong. Moreover most of people want to wear the black rimmed glasses and consider them more intelligent when they wear them. These people include intelligent and tedious both but the impression of both are same. Because actually wearing glasses doesn’t means that it can make everybody smarter but it leaves false impression on others.

In other hand if you are really a fashion lover that these glasses really define you.

Mostly it depends upon the psychology of the people because they define us on the base of what we wear, where as it is not a good thing actually. It means if uncertainly you have to wear improper dress you will be reviewed accordingly.

It is our conception that our dressing doesn’t define us, but it does in reality. So we have to be conscious to adopt the fashion industry where as it is ever growing day by day in different multitudes. It has become necessary to demonstrate the level of self expression. But it is also reality that it is hard to reach at the present time. It can be blend into the crowd if you are really depth in fashion.

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